Friday, May 13

Bollywood Green Opal

I love doing custom orders as they are tailored to the customers' likes and the piece remains a mystery until it is completed. This Bollywood Green Opal is no exception. My lovely customer has purchased the Green Opal Necklace and wanted a matching bracelet to go with it. She has chosen the 'Bollywood Cuff' design but using the same beads as the Green Opal.

Bollywood Green Opal was created with Right Angle Weave and 3mm beads (instead of 4mm) were used. Each RAW square was made smaller with only 12 beads in a square to accomodate the smaller 3mm bead. The width of the cuff was also extended to 6.5 cm, 12 squares in a row. I completed the cuff with 2 Swarovski crystal buttons to add glamour to it. 

I actually like it more than my original Bollywood cuff!

Bollywood Green Opal

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