Monday, October 8

Collective Fundraiser 2012

Spearheaded by Lis Chaong of Simple Arts Planet, this fund raising project is a collective effort of various artists to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore. Please click on the link for more information on this drive and we hope our customers and readers will support this worthy cause generously. Thank you!

Collective Fundraiser 2012

Contributions by Cynthia Poh Designs

Reversible Aprons

Contributions by Beady Girl

Bobby Pins

Friday, July 27

Golden Links

Golden Links Photo 1

Golden Links Photo 2

Golden Links Photo 3

Stitched bracelet uses Size 6 TOHO PF Gold seed beads, which feels and looks chunky!

Tuesday, July 3

Necklace - Turquoise Bib

This piece is very much inspired by the bib necklaces I remembered seeing at the Bakhor Market in Lhasa, Tibet about 11 years ago. I didn’t know much about beaded jewellery then but remembered seeing a lot of beautiful Turquoise with Coral beaded neck pieces. Perhaps, that is why I like working with Turquoise and Coral Red combination so much.

Using bead embroidery techniques, the turquoise stones and seed beads were stitched on and a brass plate sandwiched between the two pieces of backings. Two gold chain were added on both ends to complete the necklace. 

Thursday, May 17

Something for Winter......

I can't emphasize enough how much I love long necklaces. They are versatile to wear and with the cold weather now, they are most appropriate to accessorize the solemn Autumn/Winter fashion. Featured here are two of my latest works, Textured Red and Purple Hues long necklaces.

Textured Red - This is a simple necklace that involves only two coloured beads. The rich Red ceramic beads are highlighted by a strong contrast of Gold seed beads, weaved in Herringbone stitch. The textured pattern on the chain livens it up, making it an interesting necklace that can be worn for any occasions.

Textured Red Long Necklace
Purple Hues - Purple has never been my colour. In fact, this is probably my second Purple jewellery made so far. The necklace is centred around the natural rectangular Purple Agate beads. I love the unique lines on each tile, so keeping it simple, I included faceted Purple Agate round and Black Onyx round beads and weaved them with silver Charlotte seed beads. The necklace definitely adds colour to the (usually) dark coloured Winter wardrobe!

Purple Hues Long Necklace

Tuesday, February 28

Craft 2012

I try to blog at least once every month but it seems like my last blog was in early December 2011, and today is already the last day of February! It had been a hectic period for the past two months with house moving, travels, kids starting school, etc.  I am pretty much settled into the new year's routine now and have started to think about beading again.  

Honestly, I have not beaded for awhile.  In fact I have been busy making little crafts around the house, like fabric notice boards, canvas art pieces, cushion covers and my latest obsession is to make tissue box covers. The idea came about because I was trying to look for covers to cover up the tissue boxes but couldn't find any over here. I saw some designs back in Singapore but they were too busy for my taste. So, I decided to sew it myself. It did take some trial and error to finally come up with the product.  Here are the three I have sewed.

Fabric Tissue Box Covers
My favourite has to be the centre one with the retro space prints. My sons love anything about space/solar system and has a space theme for their bedroom so this cover couldn't have been more appropriate!

Now that I have completed the sewing bit, I have to start on some beading projects soon. I just received a lovely package from Lisa Peter Arts. Here are some of the goodies that I have bought.

My photograph did not do justice to these beautiful art pieces especially the donuts. The colours are very rich and every piece is artistically created! I look forward to creating something out of them soon!

Till then, hope you are happily crafting as well!


Tuesday, December 6

NetSome Glamour by Marcia Kidder

Completed beaded pieces of Beady Girl's 'NetSome Glamour' (Bead & Button  Magazine, August 2011)  by a lovely beader, Marcia Kidder. 

"Attached are pics of my completed Net Some Glamour. I used 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm Goldstone. Thank you so much for your help. This is the most challenging stitch I've ever tried but I love it. I received many compliments when I wore it on Thanksgiving." ---- Marcia

Thank you, Marcia for sharing with us the lovely photos of her works!

Wednesday, October 26

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection - BOLD

Beady Girl's new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is finally here! Check out our lovely array of bead woven jewellery brought to life with BOLD and fresh colour appeal. Here's a preview of the chunky cuffs.

Onyx Orange Cuff

This is an embroidered cuff using Orange & Red seed beads to bead around Onyx cabochons. I have created a scallop effect on both sides as the embroidery tapered off at the ends.

Goldie Orange Cuff

For this piece, I had done a herringbone flat band using Orange & Supra Gold seed beads. The design is simply blocks of gold beads to break up the orange base. The band is then sewn onto an ultrasuede and completed by bead embroidery round the metal cuff.

Turquoise Orange Cuff

Turquoise! How can I forget my favourite Turquoise and it actually works very well with the bright Orange. This piece is more elaborated with layers of different colours and types of seed beads. The tiny teardrop cabochons added accents to the piece.

Bricky Cuff

This brick-stitched band was actually completed awhile ago. While I like the design of the piece, I did not like it being a soft bracelet. So, I recycled the piece by transforming it into a bead embroidered cuff.

Goldie Raku Cuff

The cuff is centered around three beautiful Raku cabochons created by Lisa Peters Arts. It is hard to describe Raku pieces because each and every one of them is so unique and full of character. These light Olive cabochons are combined with Tigereye cabochons to create a warm Gold coloured cuff.