Monday, June 6

A Stunning Ring

I like the look of stack rings, simple yet versatile. While there are many talented artists at Etsy who make lovely stack rings, none of them has really caught my fancy until I saw Belinda Saville's silversmithed Ruby ring.

I do not know Belinda personally but have been reading her blog and ogling over her beautiful bead woven jewellery previously. She now does silver-smithing mainly and makes one-of-a-kind pieces. I contacted Belinda to express my interest to custom make a stack ring. We started corresponding and eventually decided on a cluster of 3 stones on one ring band (not a stack ring anymore). Belinda has an exquisite collection of stones and I chose two Rubies and Raspberry Rhodolite stones for the ring. She did try to tempt me with her yummy turquoise stones (really beautiful, faceted ones!) but I stood firm, as I have made myself too many turquoise rings! 

All I can say about the ring is that it is perfect! The craftmanship was superb, the ring fits me nicely, it turned out the way I had envisioned and the artist behind it is simply wonderful! It was a joy corresponding with Belinda and I am very glad to have the chance to know her better. 

Thank you, Belinda, you are truly a talented and beautiful artist!

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