Friday, July 22

A Birthday Present

This necklace was made specially for my good friend, Lis' (owner of Saplanet Originals) birthday in October. I had wanted to pass the present to her personally during the recent trip to Singapore. Alas, we were both busy and didn't get to meet, and in the end had to send it to her by mail.

Lis didn't know what I was making for her except that it would be a piece of jewellery. Honestly, I was totally clueless on what to create and for a few months, I was considering a few designs and materials, and even "bluffed" Lis into giving me opinions so that I can create something she likes.

Three weeks before my departure to Singapore, I came across a supplier selling small Serpentine donuts. Those donuts were the exact stone I had used to create Lis' bracelet previously. I thought it would be perfect to use them for a long necklace and the colour is so "Lis" (as I know it).

I used Spiral Rope technique to create the opera length necklace. Besides the Serpentine donuts, the other accent beads are a mix of Butterscotch citrine rondelles (Lis' favourite stone) and Czech Picasso green hues glass beads. All were stitched up with TOHO Antique Brass seed beads to give it a very natural look.

I am very happy with how the necklace turned out. In fact, after I modeled with the necklace and took the photo, I was having second thoughts on giving it to Lis! Don't you think it fits my outfit in this photo? :)

Lis has received the present and is very happy with it. She has written a beautiful blog on it and took many lovely photos on the piece. Thank you, Lis!


  1. awwww this is definitely labor of love!! ROPE!!! GASP!! thud.......

  2. Such a sweet friend you are Cynthia but then we both know that Lis is such a sweetie too did good! Lovely necklace for a lovely person. Hmmm.....I think surprises are a big part of Lis' life :D

  3. Thank you Ladies! I am blessed to have Lis as my good friend who had been through "thick and thin" with me! Life would be boring without her! :)

  4. Yeah, you don't say. Life would be too dangerously fun without sharing with you, Cyn! LOL!!!

    I don't know about thick and thin, I know I have gone from thin to fat, to very thin, now to very fat, you are still exactly the same, if not better, as we first sipped coffee at the pantry! Unfair!


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