Sunday, September 25

Blings from Belinda Saville

(photo is courtesy of Belinda Saville)


I bought this beautiful rectangular Swarovski crystal rivoli a few years ago with the intention to bead weave around it. I did create a bezel for it but was never satisfied with the result and kept it away in my stash. Till recently, while corresponding with Belinda Saville, I thought of the rivoli and asked if she can custom make a ring with it. My requests were to draw the design inspiration from one of her works, a beautiful faceted Azurite Malachite ring and a wide ring band.

Belinda never fails to surprise me with her excellent craftmanship. The finished ring is absolutely gorgeous and the filigree details at the sides of the ring add an intricate touch to this "chunky" ring. Belinda had to build a pretty tall bezel to accommodate the height of the rivoli but trust me, the ring does not look clumsy at all. In fact, I call it "petite chunky". It rests very nicely and comfortably on the finger.

I have received a few queries on my thoughts about the ring and all I can say is that it is PERFECT for me! I took Belinda's good advice to have the ring patinaed. I can definitely wear it from smart casual to formal occasions.

(photo is courtesy of Belinda Saville)


In one of Belinda's Facebook posts, she showed a collection of Agate cabochons. One particular stone, known as the Agua Nueva Agate caught my fancy. The fact that I kept going back to the page to admire the stone affirmed my "want" that I have to get it! It has a very lovely lavender colour with natural lines in the design. It is in a unique semi-circle shape which makes it perfect as a pendant. So, the cabochon was sold to me!

When I ordered the pendant, I had intended to bead weave the chains myself. I bought several kinds of metal seed beads in silver, nickel and brass but none works because the silver does not match with the pendant. Eventually, I had to settle for my all-time favourite, Czech Supra Gold! The Supra Gold beads' colour is almost identical to the gold nuggets.

Herringbone Stitched Chains

I beaded the chain in 3 segments (on each side) with tubular Herringbone stitch, and connected them with an interlocking design using White Gold Plated Delicas. It was a subtle effort to break up the gold chain so that it does not overpower the whole necklace.

I love the soft curves that Belinda has designed at the bottom of the pendant and added the gold nuggets. The incorporation of the gold complements the warm lines on the cabochon very nicely. The cabochon itself is a beauty. It is highly-polished with depth of lines that gives the cabochon a 3D effect!

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