Wednesday, October 26

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection - BOLD

Beady Girl's new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is finally here! Check out our lovely array of bead woven jewellery brought to life with BOLD and fresh colour appeal. Here's a preview of the chunky cuffs.

Onyx Orange Cuff

This is an embroidered cuff using Orange & Red seed beads to bead around Onyx cabochons. I have created a scallop effect on both sides as the embroidery tapered off at the ends.

Goldie Orange Cuff

For this piece, I had done a herringbone flat band using Orange & Supra Gold seed beads. The design is simply blocks of gold beads to break up the orange base. The band is then sewn onto an ultrasuede and completed by bead embroidery round the metal cuff.

Turquoise Orange Cuff

Turquoise! How can I forget my favourite Turquoise and it actually works very well with the bright Orange. This piece is more elaborated with layers of different colours and types of seed beads. The tiny teardrop cabochons added accents to the piece.

Bricky Cuff

This brick-stitched band was actually completed awhile ago. While I like the design of the piece, I did not like it being a soft bracelet. So, I recycled the piece by transforming it into a bead embroidered cuff.

Goldie Raku Cuff

The cuff is centered around three beautiful Raku cabochons created by Lisa Peters Arts. It is hard to describe Raku pieces because each and every one of them is so unique and full of character. These light Olive cabochons are combined with Tigereye cabochons to create a warm Gold coloured cuff.


  1. Ohhh Cyn! I've been itching to see these pieces from your S/S Collection...and you certainly haven't disappointed ;-)

    Absolutely stunning! My favourites are the Turquoise Orange Cuff and the Bricky Cuff...both of these would be right at home on my wrist :-D

    But they are all stunning!


  2. That is pretty awesome Cynthia! your work is really beautiful and very elegantly done! thank you so much for sharing this with me! will tweet about it! lisa

  3. Thank you so much Belinda! I am motivated to create a few more now! ;)

  4. Thank you very much Lisa! All credits to your beautiful cabochons! :)

  5. Beautiful cuff bracelets ! Great work !

  6. Hi Amy, thanks so much for liking them! :)


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