Wednesday, August 10

Howlite Cuff

Howlite gemstone is believed to be a calming stone that can help relieve stress of all kinds and negativity. Often mistaken for turquoise, and often intentionally misrepresented as turquoise, howlite occurs naturally as a white or gray stone with dark stripes. However, because of its porous minerals, it absorbs dyes easily. 

This cuff was bead embroidered with 5 round Howlite cabochons and complemented with bronze, gold and red seed beads. The inspiration for the colourway comes mainly from the cabochon itself; the faint brown lines on it sets the tone of the palette. The cuff edging was finished with a dark red Picasso seed beads as a highlight. This time round, I have used a pre-formed brass cuff which gives it a sturdier shape to the cuff. 

So, if you are feeling upset, wear it and the howlites will help you keep those emotions at bay. 


  1. Ahhhh...this is divine, my very talented friend! Your stitching is utter perfection!!

    I loved reading about the properties of howlite also. I always like howlite, but now I like it even more :-)


  2. Thank you for your lovely words, my beautiful friend! :)


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