Sunday, August 14

Silver Jewellery Workshop Day 2

Day 2 of the workshop requires us to recreate the same anticlastic ring (which we did last week) with silver metal. The process of making the ring is the same except no annealing is needed since it is a moderately soft metal. When polished, it has a brilliant lustrous shine. Here's my ring!

Silver Anticlastic Ring

For part 2 of the session, we made a copper Leaf motif pendant and some jump rings. Honestly, I didn't like what I have done. I have no idea why I had drawn and sawed out such an unattractive leaf design! I should have also hammered the sides of the "leaf" to give it more depth and curves. We will be making a similar leaf pendant using silver next week, so hopefully I will do a better job.

Copper Leaf Pendant

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