Thursday, May 17

Something for Winter......

I can't emphasize enough how much I love long necklaces. They are versatile to wear and with the cold weather now, they are most appropriate to accessorize the solemn Autumn/Winter fashion. Featured here are two of my latest works, Textured Red and Purple Hues long necklaces.

Textured Red - This is a simple necklace that involves only two coloured beads. The rich Red ceramic beads are highlighted by a strong contrast of Gold seed beads, weaved in Herringbone stitch. The textured pattern on the chain livens it up, making it an interesting necklace that can be worn for any occasions.

Textured Red Long Necklace
Purple Hues - Purple has never been my colour. In fact, this is probably my second Purple jewellery made so far. The necklace is centred around the natural rectangular Purple Agate beads. I love the unique lines on each tile, so keeping it simple, I included faceted Purple Agate round and Black Onyx round beads and weaved them with silver Charlotte seed beads. The necklace definitely adds colour to the (usually) dark coloured Winter wardrobe!

Purple Hues Long Necklace

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